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About Us


Staircom is a family owned and operated business delivering quality staircases to all applications. We have built our reputation on exceptional customer service and our ability to supply our clients’ needs with staircases that are manufactured to the highest standards using the best materials available.

At Staircom we pride ourselves on providing a product and service to our clients that always exceed expectations. We are able to offer solutions for all designs using many different materials including timber, Stainless steel, wrought iron and glass.


Our staircase components are manufactured using state of the art machinery and software, giving us an edge over most of our competitors. We cater for all types of clients from volume builders who naturally need a supplier who they can rely upon to deliver outstanding service and a quality product on time to the one off client who requires expert advice to achieve their goals.

Whether it is a custom built staircase with all the trimmings or a budget conscious Staircase...

Staircom have a solution for you.