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Curved Timber Stairs

3085-3.jpg 3085-8.jpg 3085-6.jpg 3085-2.jpg

Curved stair 1
Closed Vic Ash timber geometric staircases, one above the other with continuous HR08 timber handrail with custom wrought iron infill. Stain finish.

3130-4.jpg 3130-6.jpg

Curved stair 2
Closed Bluegum staircase with hr03 handrail and scroll to bottom. No.1 square posts and wrought iron baluster infill.

3266-4.jpg 3266-13.jpg 3266-9.jpg 3266-6.jpg

Curved stair 3
Closed Ash Staircase. 42mm thick square edge treads, hro8 timber handrail. Custom turned posts and 16x16 Wrought iron baluster infill. Stain finish.

2226-4.jpg 2226-1.jpg 2226-3.jpg 2226-7.jpg

Curved stair 4
Closed Brushbox staircase with cut stringer to side. 135x135 custom turned posts, hr02 timber handrail and custom wrought iron infill.