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Modern Stairs

3113-2.jpg 3113-3.jpg 3113-4.jpg

Modern stair 1
Vic Ash staircase. First 6 treads closed with concealed stringers and fameless glass balustrade, top flight of staircase open with timber and glass balustrade.

5029-2.jpg 5029-7.jpg 5029-10.jpg

Modern stair 2
Open Grey IronBark timber staircase with frameless glass balustrade and Timber HR04 Grey IronBark handrail.

2477-21.jpg 2477-18.jpg 2477-11.jpg 2477-22.jpg

Modern stair 3
Part Open Vic Ash timber staircase with cut stringers. Stainless steel balustrade with wire infill to stair and glass infill to first floor area.

2000-1.jpg 2000-5.jpg

Modern stair 4
Closed Bluegum staircase with frameless glass balustrade. Stain finish to stair.